Diving Code

  1. When planning diving activities due consideration should be given to the qualification of the divers involved. All dives should be carried out within the recommended guidelines of the relevant training agencies.
  2. The Club follows the "Respect our Wrecks Code of Conduct" as follows:
    1. Respect War Graves. Many wrecks are also war graves. Treat them with the respect you would give a churchyard.
    2. Respect the Wreck Environment. Many wrecks make great habitats for marine life. Treat them with the care you would give to coral reefs.
    3. Respect the Future. Explore wrecks, where allowed, but don't damage or disturb them. Take photos rather than souvenirs, so that our wrecks remain for future divers to see.
    4. Respect our History. Many wrecks have an important history and hold clues to our maritime past. If you find anything, report it to the Receiver of Wreck, who will pass on such information to archaeological experts.
    5. Respect Yourself. Make sure that you are appropriately trained for safe wreck diving. Do not penetrate the wreck unless it is safe to do so.
    6. Respect Your Family and Friends. Some wrecks contain dangerous cargoes or live ammunitions. Don't disturb them or bring them ashore.
    7. Respect the Law. Know and respect maritime laws - and avoid a criminal record.
  3. The Dive Marshall on any Club trip is responsible for making all divers aware of the history of any wrecks they may be diving.


Free diving and scuba diving is one of the most sustainable ways to fish but only if done responsibly. Unfortunately sea food isn't free. You are removing important parts of an ecological food chain and you might not have to pay for it but something will. Scallop beds and lobsters are important prey for other animals like dogfish and cuttlefish. Popular dive sites that are targeted by divers who constantly remove wildlife are affected.

Removal of too many or under sided animals can have a prolonged impact on the area. The MCS and Dorset Wildlife Trusts produce a code of conduct for divers. If you go on a fishing trip, make sure that you stick to this guide.