Scuba diving is a physically demanding sport which puts extra physiological demands on the body. Every diver therefore needs to be physically fit to dive. In most diving organisations a full medical from a doctor is not required - instead individuals complete a self declaration medical form. In UBUC every club member completes a BSAC Medical Form annually. This form declares that you are medically fit to dive. You will complete this form at the beginning of each academic year.

If you answer yes to any of the questions you will have to speak to a diving doctor to get a valid medical form.

If at any point your medical situation changes you must inform the diving officer and complete another medical.

You will not be allowed to dive without a valid medical form.

Diving Doctors in Bristol

  • Dr Mark Turner,
  • 7th Floor Bristol Heart Institute,
  • Bristol Royal Infirmary,
  • Marlborough Street,
  • Hartcliffe,
  • Bristol,
  • BS2 8HW
  • (Recomended by BSAC)