Ivan Horoshenkov

Ivan has been diving for over three years, qualifying in Honduras with Operation Wallacea. After joining UBUC, Ivan discovered the error of his ways and switched over from PADI to BSAC, now working towards Dive Leader. As President, he makes sure that everything runs smoothly and keeps the committee in check!

Vice President

Andy Mortby

Andy has been diving with the club since joining as a fresher six years ago. He is a qualified BSAC Open Water Instructor. As Vice President, Andy's job is to help out with the day to day running of the club and and support the President.

Diving Officer

Chris Bainbridge

Chris has been diving for 8 years, and is a qualified BSAC Open Water Instructor. He enjoys looking at fish, playing with dolphins, getting his suit eaten by seals and driving the club boats. As Diving Officer, Chris is in charge of safety of club members, as well as encouraging members to get out and do fun and adventurous diving.


Miranda Spencer

Miranda is a second year Psychology student from Manhattan. She learned to dive with UBUC and qualified as an Ocean Diver in 2017. In the coming year she aims to complete her Sports Diver training (and hopefully meet some sharks!). Miranda's secretarial duties include keeping memberships and medical forms up to date, as well as taking minutes at Committee Meetings. She is the club's contact with BSAC HQ.

Training Officer

Joanne Boden

Jo learnt to dive with UBUC, and has been enthralled with scuba diving ever since. With 17 British dives under her belt, she has interacted with wild seals, marvelled at great walls of coral and explored ancient ship-wrecks. As Training Officer, she helps others experience these spectacles for themselves by managing the training of all our new Ocean and Sports Divers.

Extended Training Officer

Lois Flounders

Lois joined the club last year after becoming obsessed with diving during her year out. She's a second year Zoologist and spent this summer doing marine research and her PADI Divemaster in Mozambique and the Seychelles, following lots of BSAC training with UBUC last year. As Extended Training Officer, Lois is your go-to if you're interested in BSAC Dive Leader and above training, as well as Skill Development Courses and other fun stuff.


Timofey Kozhukhov

Tim learned to dive with the club as a fresher in 2016 and is currently working towards his Sports Diver. As a Mathematics student, he should (hopefully) be able to perform basic numeracy. He's in charge of keeping the club's finances in order and chasing up kit hire.

Equipment Officer

Sam Walder

Sam, the master of the marinox, sorter of stores, coordinator of compressors, merchant of masks, giver of gloves, and king of kit is responsible for all things kit. Maintaining our stores, ensuring kit is ready to go out and upgrading our stock of fine equipment. To date he has hardly missed an event... provided it's the pub session...

Equipment Assistant

Josh James

Entering his third year with UBUC, Josh is a biologist who has worked on coral reefs in Madagascar, but also loves the marginally colder waters of the UK. If you've seen a fish and want to know what it is, Josh is your guy. His main role in the club is to stop Sam selling all of our kit.

Boats Officer

Tom Crowther

Tom maintains the club boats Alumni I and Alumni Wozniak, as well as their engines Ruby and Millie and all the associated safety equipment. He is also in charge of running boat related courses, such as the Engine Maintenance and Boat Handling. You'll find him in his favourite place, in the middle of the dance floor.

Social Secretary

Lily Pearson

Lily is a third year Anthropology and Archaeology student and began diving in 2015 with UBUC. She is currently a Sports Diver but hopes to continue training to become a Dive Leader in the forthcoming year. This is her second year as social secretary and she continues to be in charge of all socials as well as social media.

Social Secretary

Jessica Menzies

Jess has been diving since 2007 and since then was a Divemaster and Instructor in Malaysia, and helped out with marine research in Indonesia. Jess braved the cold in 2015 and started diving in the UK (there are less turtles but more wrecks!), and now teaches with the club. Along with Lily (#JILY) Jess helps organise socials. If you have ideas for fun nights or days, give Jess a shout!