Equipment Hire

Scuba diving is an equipment intensive sport and can be expensive because of this, however UBUC aims to make diving as cheap as possible and provides the main equipment you need. You will need your own mask, snorkel, wetsuit boots and fins for training in the pool.

For open water diving, you will need a few more bits of equipment that the club has limited resource. Namely exposure protection: you'll need a neoprene hood and gloves (5-7mm recommended for UK waters) and an exposure suit. This can either be a dry suit or semi-dry suit. Don't rush into buying anything though, speak to the older members of the club or post on our Facebook group: it's likely someone will be able to give you some advice on what to buy or be able to lend you something.

The club has the following equipment for its members to hire:

  • BCDs at £2/day
  • Regulator sets at £4/day
  • Cylinders at £1/cylinder
  • Semi-dry suits at £7/day
  • Hoods at £1/day
  • Gloves at £1/day
  • Lead and weight belt at no charge
  • Reels and DSMBs at no charge

Not only can scuba diving equipment be expensive to buy initially, but it is expensive to maintain too. The money from kit hire goes directly towards the servicing costs for the club's equipment. Kit hire for pool training is included in the price of your training pack. For the Annual Easter Open Water Training Trip to Porthkerris, equipment hire costs are halved so that you can get qualified, stay for longer and get more diving done!