Swanage is a small town in south-east Dorset. You may remember it from geography GCSE case studies. You will need to pay a fee to park and to access the pier. The shop on the pier also has a small museum containing some artefacts from nearby shipwrecks including the Kyarra. The pier can be a nice shore dive and is very shallow at about 6m. There is also a shuttle service on the Mary Jo skippered by Martin that runs from the pier several times a day to various wrecks including the Kyarra.


The Kyarra is a large 7000 ton steamer with lots of life and swim throughs. At 30m deep it is for sports diver and above. Amongst the metal and sand can be found lots of glass and other artefacts. It's very easy to run into deco on this wreck as some of our divers have ended up having to do stops a lot longer than planned, so make sure everyone is aware and plans their dives.

☎: 01929 427064

Swanage boat charters

This website also has useful information on tides and slack times for the whole dive season. It also has transits for the Kyarra and information on all the other wrecks in the area.